The interior salon REFORMA is located on one of the main historical and shopping city centre of Saint — Petersburg-Bolshoy prospect of Petrogradskaya side.
A two-tier system of showrooms is the interior design of various living areas: bedroom, study, kitchen, living-room, dining-room. They are designed to demonstrate to the client the achievements of European furniture manufacturers, combining the most modern technology and traditions of craft production.

Our clients — leaders of business, politics, sports and the arts, and just good people..

The specialists of the European qualifications

The pride of salon professionals European qualification, informed not only about the latest novelties of furniture fashion designer, but also on the development prospects of the industry. Accurately focusing in the trends of today, they are one step ahead of fashion.
What will be the path to your project? REFORMA will do everything to become for you the most comfortable and fascinating. Our design consultants can help you navigate through the many furniture catalogs premium and choose from thousands of samples of the ones that perfectly match the design intent. REFORMA ensures your dream home by the best European masters.
If you haven’t chosen the style of your interior conversation in the salon REFORMA will help you to do this. Our experts are able to implement your ideas, they can anticipate them.

25 years of experience

Wide selection and visualization of interiors

The salon REFORMA is to the customer a wide range of choices, from simple and functional solutions are emphasized, giving a sense of spatial freedom to artistically refined stylized Palace apartments.
The salon REFORMA at the customer’s request can prepare a visible embodiment of the future in any of the visual techniques: drawing, graphic drawing, watercolor, pastel, computer 3D-modeling.

Successfully implemented projects in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Murmansk, Surgut, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Montenegro…

Exclusive accessories

Salon REFORMA offers not only designs and furniture of a premium class, but also exclusive accessories, which will emphasize the style and taste of the owner. Inside the cabin the presented collection of underwear, as well as lamps and other items for the decoration of residential apartments, canteens and tea sets. In the salon you can also order the production of individual service with your pattern and monogram. Here, you will find exquisite items for interior decoration and for gifts to friends.